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Orthopedic Implant Images For Med School Viva & Spotters


This post contains images of Orthopedic Implants which are commonly asked during Orthopedics Practical Board Exams. Recalling all the instruments and implants during final hour revision is a cumbersome process. Inability to identify them during viva closes chances of further questions from external examiner.  So, we’ve tried to list out common implants asked in exams with their images to help you correctly identify them. All the best for Orthopedics Boards.





12179536_956329457774303_2019922574_n 12179648_956329081107674_975300847_n

12179836_956329001107682_1930779470_n 12179906_956329111107671_196927464_n 12180052_956329314440984_1940263856_n 12180089_956328971107685_759449293_n 12182068_956329164440999_1562856152_n


12188484_956328954441020_1769660980_n 12188586_956329364440979_1966944140_n 12188588_956329341107648_2108056731_n


So, these are some of the instruments we gathered. Hope these might help you with Orthopedics Viva and spotters exams. Best Wishes from Update Medicine Team.

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