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Update Medicine is a leading medical news and information website. Our readers include patients, healthcare professionals, medical students and public interested in health.In order to maintain a consistent supply of medical information in the site, we welcome press releases from medical journals, medical institutions, universities and professional associations. We also publish health articles and opinions from qualified healthcare professionals and medical residents as well as experiences from patients and medical students.


A.Please include the following details with your articles:

  1. Name of Person/Company/Institution/Affiliations, Email address, Phone Number
  2. Sources of funding (Media releases of scientific research)
  3. Position and medical degree of the author.
  4. Description of the article in not less than 100 words.

B.Each article should be of at least 500 words.

C.The content should be original and not published elsewhere online.

D.Please send the articles for our readers. Articles written for search engines and containing more than one backlinks will be discarded immediately.

E.Articles must be backed up with adequate references whenever necessary. Articles containing references from predatory open access journals will be discarded immediately.

Please send your articles to or use the contact form. It might take 1-2 days for review and approval process.

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