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Study Medicine in Egypt – All you need to know


The Republic of Egypt is home to the oldest medical higher education institutions in the Arab region. The study of medicine in Egypt is a magnet for many students who wish to obtain academic degrees in medicine from different parts of the world. There are many world class medical schools and universities to choose in Egypt. If you are thinking about studying Medicine in Egypt for the first time, many questions might arise on your mind. Read this post till the end to get answer to all of those queries.

Before you begin

Students join the Faculty of Medicine immediately after completing secondary education, and the average age of students in the first year is 18-17 years. As Medicine is a very desirable specialty in Egyptian culture, it is the best students in the country who have access to medical schools. The process of selecting accepted students depends entirely on the final exams in secondary education, SAT or high school certificate. The examination materials include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Language.



After joining

The duration of study is seven years including one year of internship. There are three years during which basic science subjects are  studied, followed by three years of clinical training.

Subjects studied during the first two years: Physiology, Histology, Anatomy, Biochemistry.

Subjects to be studied in the third year: Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Parasitology.

After the following three years, the students begin the clinical part of the course with training tours in the following departments: Ophthalmology, ENT, Forensic Medicine, Public Health, Pediatrics, Gynecology, General Surgery, Internal Medicine. Practical training or internship is started during the seventh year. The period of study may extend in some universities according to the system and academic calendar followed.



The method of education

During the first three years, the teaching method is based on lectures, practical lessons and tests. The student will not be transferred to the third year after completing his first two years successfully. He must pass the exams at the end of each academic year within six years. He will then begin a one-year internship training in the hospital’s departments to complete a two-month training in each department. These are required hold a bachelor’s degree in medicine, called the title of a doctor or practitioner Ami. In case a student fails a test he / she can take the exam back during the summer or wait for the next year to pass the exam.


The average cost of study required by the student

Many medical schools in Egypt belong to the general national education. This means that the entrance to the medical school depends mainly on the secondary education level. The tuition fees are no more valuable than those required by the private universities’ medical schools, which provide education similar to that of the government.

So the need for students to obtain loans for study, but the fees for specialization programs are more than the fees of the study of the bachelor.



Range of Salaries for Doctors in Egypt

There are many changes in the salaries of doctors in Egypt because of the political situation, and there are efforts to submit a proposal for the government to increase the salaries of doctors per month to be as follows:

General Practitioners: 3000 LE – Current Salary 1500 LE.

Specialized doctors and master’s campaign: 4000 pounds.

Doctors PhD drive: 6000 pounds.

This proposal has not yet been confirmed, and doctors’ salaries in Egypt are not high, but are higher than other government jobs. Doctors are allowed to set up private clinics.




Jobs and Specialization

The training program is supposed to help the student acquire the clinical experience he needs in principle to practice his work. After this year, he can apply for five years of one of the specialization programs he wishes. Admission depends on the grades obtained by the student in the subjects related to the master’s program. Many doctors prefer to look for a job outside Egypt where salary rates are much better. Students can choose the field of specialization they want to complete their studies in, after completing the practical training for one year after the previous six years.

Some students prefer to take USMLE exams after completing their studies, then follow the American system, and other doctors prefer to apply for membership of the Royal College and follow the British system.

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