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Top 5 Medical Schools of Egypt – Which one should I choose?


In our last post we discussed many things you need to know regarding medical education in Egypt.  Continuing the momentum of the previous post our team has researched to bring you the top 5 medical schools of Egypt. These medical schools  from Egypt are also listed in top positions in global rankings.   Egypt is is one of the widely chosen destinations for medical education from all over the world.



Alexandria University

The Faculty of Medicine at the University has received the Hamdan Medical Award as the best medical school in the Arabic world in recognition of its role in the field of educational and medical services as one of the oldest colleges. The College offers masters and doctoral programs in basic sciences and offers courses in diploma, master’s and doctorate degrees in clinical sciences. Some of the notable alumni of the university include international researchers, scientists, noble laureates and renowned professors of different specialties.




Cairo University

The Al Kasr Al Ainy College of Medicine is part of the University and is one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious medical schools in Africa and the Middle East. Thousands of international students have graduated from Cairo University College of Medicine so far. Cairo University is one of the popular destinations for all kinds of technical education.




Ain-Shams University

The Faculty of Medicine of the University was established in 1947 to become the third Faculty of Medicine in Egypt. The College offers postgraduate programs: Master of Medicine, Master of Basic Medical Sciences, PhD (the duration of the study is at least two years and includes courses and research thesis).



Mansoura University

The Faculty of Medicine at the University is the home of excellence in medical education, research, health and community services, and aspires to become a world class excellence in medical education and research. The university is dedicated to providing sound knowledge and holistic understanding of the subject to its graduates.



Suez Canal University

The Faculty of Medicine at the Suez Canal University was established as the first community-oriented medical school to solve its problems in Egypt. The College has been designed as a cooperative center for WHO for the development of human health since 1978. The university conducts lot of programs to develop skills among its students.


If you are one of the students who would like to choose medical studies in Egypt, these could be one of your choices. You can also contact the graduates of one of the medical schools in Egypt and visit the universities website to learn more about medical studies, Also, see the study guide in Egypt in websites of respective colleges to learn more about the study in that location.


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