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Multiple Congenital Anomalies in a 23 Weeks Fetus : Ultrasound Images


One of the advantages of Routine Ultrasound in mid trimester has been the detection of wide range of fetal congenital anomalies. The World Health Organization’s recent study reports that anomalies rank 17th in the causes of disease burden. Congenital malformations are a significant component of the global burden of disease (GBD) among children accounting for 25 million disability-adjusted life years worldwide.  Congenital anomalies may occur as single defect in isolation or multiple defects in combination in a same individual.

Here , we present USG images of multiple congenital anomalies in a 23 weeks old growing fetus.



Above Ultrasound images show Bilateral Ventriculomegaly with Bilateral Lateral Ventricles of Fetus measuring 15.7 mm.  Bilateral Cerebellar Hemispheres are small in size. Defective Lumbar Spine with Cystic Protrusion suggestive of Spine Bifida with Meningocele can also be seen.


The USG was performed during routine ANC check up of 20 years old primigravida who presented in our setting with no known exposure to radiation or teratogenic drugs. Counseling regarding the outcome was done and patient was admitted in Gynecology  & Obstetrics Department . Medical induction was performed.



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