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Unanswered Questions on Yama Buddha’s Death


The death of rapper Yama Buddha continues to remain shrouded in mystery. Despite the closure of the case and completion of funeral on his home country on Jan 28 yesterday, unresolved conspiracy theories keep emerging in media stating that things are not what they seem and that there are many unanswered questions.

yama buddha

The rapper was found dead on bathroom of his London based apartment on 14th of January, but more than two weeks later, there is still no exact information regarding what had happened. The Nepali Rapper was 30 when he lost his life. It has been said that his post mortem reports conclude it to be a suicide however there is no official information.

News Portals based on Nepal report that verbal statement regarding cause of his death was given by the doctors before they could take the dead body to their home country for funeral. Below are common questions that still surround the minds of Yama Buddha’s fans.


The Cause of Death. Suicide or Murder?

While it has already been tagged as a suicidal act, the people close to him are not ready to accept. Some of his artist friends have uploaded videos on Youtube interviewing that this is not what Yama Buddha is.

His near ones say he had not been under any ongoing personal conflict with anybody. After hearing the news, some people in Nepal had some kind of suspicion (correlating to Rap & Hip Hop Culture) that Rapper abused some form of drug before it all had happened but it is said the post mortem examination did not find evidence of drugs over his body. Rather it’s been said that they found some traces of alcohol regarding which it said that he had drunk few sips of wine with his wife after returning from his work at Royal Mail that night.

Yama Buddha was preparing for his new album ‘Khatara’. His friends and relatives believe there was no way even he could have thought about this. Rapper Hakim, who had started his music career together with Yama Buddha, said that Yama Buddha had talked to him regarding the promotion of new album planning to release it in a new way. We were shell-shocked to hear the sad news, he said.

On the other hand, the fans are not very much satisfied claiming that the investigation did not go in depth as it should have been.



Who saw the dead body first?

Different news portals have their different reports regarding the first witness of Yama Buddha’s death. The Guardian published an article the next day stating that rapper’s father in law found him after his second attempt to open bathroom door with the next set of keys they had inside the house.

On the other hand, other media sources state that it was another person living in the next floor of the same house who on an attempt to enter into bathroom that morning found the door locked from inside. He then opened the door with the next keys and found him hanging dead.

The same question gives rise to next suspicion that how can a door be opened with the next key from outside when it was locked with the original set of key from inside.


The torn pieces of passport and the fractured molars/jaw?

It has also been reported that torn pieces of passport was found on the scene but the reason behind and its relation with his death still remains a mystery. There seems no other way to assume why Yama Buddha had done so. The absence of any reports regarding the footprints investigation has also become the matter of suspicion.

Another mystery regarding this case is relevance of fractured lower molars (some sources report lower jaw) with hanging. It is still unclear if those got fractured before it all took place (due to some other incident) or the knot simply broke off after his death leading to that fracture.


No matter what might be the cause of Yama Buddha’s death, it’s a great loss to his fans and the pain that will remain in hearts of young generation of Nepali Rap music lovers for long.




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